May 15, 2014

5/15, St. John the Divine

The red-tailed hawk nestlings at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine are big enough now that even without binocs or a long camera lens, a ground observer can probably see one of them sitting up and looking out of the nest, if not two of them jostling each other in the limited space.

A gray Thursday evening first showed just that before the nest quieted. Mama Isolde was perched across the street, taking heat from a pair of blue jays.

Cathedral Hawk (9504)

The blue jays eventually disappeared, and a little bit later Isolde flew over to the nest. There was a very quick feeding, just three or four minutes.

Cathedral Hawk Nest (9558)

Isolde then took off, and the nestlings moved about for a bit.

Cathedral Hawk Nestlings (9569)

Note the brown wing feathers growing in.

The nestlings began to settle, leaving just one in sight.

Cathedral Hawk Nestling (9591)

And eventually it too laid down, its head just visible over the edge of the nest.

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