5/18, Washington Heights/Wright Park

Early Sunday evening at the red-tailed hawk nest in Washington Heights found the nestlings sleeping off a meal while their mother perched on the railing just above their heads.

JHW Red-Tailed Hawk (9859)

Curious that she stays so close when she's watching as, for example, Isolde at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine will perch 50-60 yards away across the street when she monitors her nest.

There was a little activity from the three nestlings. One sat up and did some idle sleep-preening before opening its eyes.

JHW Hawk Nestling (9788)

After it settled down, another perked up.

JHW Hawk Nestling (9825)

JHW Hawk Nestling (9826)

And stood up, showing off wing feathers that are couple inches long.

JHW Hawk Nestling (9832)

Note the tawny breast feathers beginning to show.

JHW Hawk Nestling (9834)

And then settled back to sleep also.

All the while, mama was on guard.

JHW Red-Tailed Hawk (9893)

Posted 5/19/2014 11:36:00 PM by Robert

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