6/11, Busy Evening

Cathedral Red-Tail Fledgling

I arrived at the cathedral just before 7:00 Friday evening to find all three members of the red-tail family hanging about near each other on the ledges and crenellations above the Baptistry. Dinner had just been served. The fledgling had a full crop and another hawkwatcher indicated that mama Isolde was just polishing off her own meal. Then the fledge worked over the carcass for a few more bits.

But very quickly there was some action. Both parents took to the air and made some attacks on the pigeons atop the hospital across the street. Mama Isolde then came back to the cathedral for a bit, first perching on a crenellation.


Then flew over the Baptistry...

Isolde in Flight

To the ledge atop the transept buttress where the fledgling was still hanging about.

Isolde and Child

Then she headed back over to the hospital. The fledge watched her closely.

Cathedral Red-Tail Fledgling

Then he shifted about the top of the buttress ledge, which is large enough that it might be worth a short flight to get from one side to the other.

Survivor in Flight

Then he flew over to a small ledge between the Baptistry and Ansgar chapel.

Survivor in Flight

Isolde was still doing something atop the hospital roof. We tried to figure out what she was up to, and ended up losing track of both her and the fledgling, who snuck off for parts unknown.

Twenty minute slater, I was about to call it an evening and was headed for the sandwich shop when another hawkwatcher called for my attention. She had spotted Isolde perched above the West Front of the cathedral.

Isolde Above the West Front

Catching some sunset rays.

Isolde Above the West Front

And she'd also spotted the fledgling back over at the hospital, perched on the roof of the Travers Pavilion, on the 114th St. side of the building.

Isolde stayed where she was until just before 8:00 before taking off again. She headed northwest across 113th St. with a kestrel closely following.

Posted 6/12/2010 12:04:00 AM by Robert

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