6/18, Into the Park


On Friday evening, robins were once again helpful in helping find the cathedral red-tailed hawk fledgling. Within minutes of reaching the area, I found him perched on a chimney at the Cathedral School. He pretty much stayed in that spot for the next 45 minutes, watching the skies.

Later I discovered I wasn't the only one watching him.


Close to 8:00, the fledge may have started thinking about a roosting spot. First he dived out over Morningside Park and flew across the softball field, landing in the trees above the entrance at Manhattan Ave. and 110th St. Robins in that area were no less annoyed. A few minutes later he turned around and flew back to the trees on the west side of the park.

Again with an assist from the robins, I found him in a tree on the little hilltop at the top of the long flight of stairs near 113th St. A mockingbird and what sounded like a red-winged blackbird were also upset.


Despite the din, it looked like the fledgling stuck it out and held onto that spot for his nighttime roost.

Posted 6/18/2010 10:29:00 PM by Robert

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