6/28, After the Rain

After a rain shower, you can often find hawks perched in plain sight somewhere high where there's a good breeze. Monday was a good example of that.

Mom and Dad

I hadn't even crossed Amsterdam Ave. when I looked up to find that Isolde and Norman were perched high above the hospital emergency room.

With their feathers fluffed out, it was much harder than usual to distinguish between them based on the belly band. But based on size and behavior, I think that's Isolde at left and Norman at right. Norman took off a couple times and chased pigeons around the hospital roof before coming back to perch alongside his sweetie. But 25 or 30 minutes later, he took off again and didn't return.

Meanwhile, across the street, the fledgling was perched on the cathedral roof on the high turret above Sts. Jude and Simon.

Gabriel and Fledgling

It looked like he had a full crop, but even so, at one point he spent about 5 minutes doing something that looked like pecking at a carcass for a late snack.

He may have gotten a bit bored sitting where he could watch his parents as later on he hopped around the crenellations until he was on the opposite side of the turret.

Cathedral Red-Tail Fledgling

There he took a lot of vocal and occasional physical harassment from a mockingbird. (The parents on the other hand had to deal with a kestrel.)

The light was bad and the air sticky, so I took off for the evening before Isolde and the fledgling did so.

Posted 6/28/2010 11:59:00 PM by Robert

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