6/29, Fledgling vs Kestrel

Robin calls provided an alert that there was a raptor perched along Morningside Drive adjacent to the hospital. I quickly spotted a male kestrel, as he was zipping around the treetops.

Hospital Kestrel

But were the robins complaining about the kestrel or was he in league with the robins? Ah-ha, a red-tail hiding amongst the leaves.

Cathedral Red-Tail Fledgling

It was the fledgling. He bailed out of the scene almost immediately, with the kestrel chasing him down the drive. Ten minutes later I found him perched in plain sight, atop the cathedral Baptistry cross.

Cathedral Red-Tail Fledgling

Look closer.

Cathedral Red-Tail Fledgling

He stayed there for 15 minutes or so, free from harassment by robins, kestrels, etc., but then flew up to one of the mini-gables along the side of the cathedral nave.

Cathedral Red-Tail Fledgling

All quiet here too, but another 20 minutes later, time for some excitement. The fledgling took off across the street, flushing the posse of pigeons perched atop the hospital.

But he didn't perch in one of the usual spots above the emergency room. A few minutes later later I got a glimpse of him hopping around the rooftops of the Scrymser Pavilion, back at the other end of the hospital. And even without that glimpse, I would have known he was up there because the kestrels (yep, two of them) were klee-ing away and making strafing dives, a mocking bird was calling alarms, etc.

Posted 6/29/2010 11:16:00 PM by Robert

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