6/16, Up a Tree

Red-Tail Fledgling on the Cathedral School

The cathedral red-tail fledgling finally descended from the heights and acted a bit more like one expects of a young hawk.

I was first clued to his presence by a small amount of robin alarms along Morningside Drive at the east end of the cathedral. It was another few minutes before I spotted him, and then only because he was fluttering about the treetops.

Yes, the treetops. First time I or anyone I know has seen him actually in a tree.

The robin alarms seemed to increase and the fledge flew back across the street to another treetop, then to the roof of the Cathedral School, and on to the roof of St. Martin chapel. After being out of sight for a few minutes, he returned and landed in the top of a tree just inside the Morningside Park wall.

Morningside Red-Tail Fledgling

Now the robins were really angry. Three of the beggars started making strafing runs at the young red-tail and the din of robin alarms was incessant.

But the fledge took it. He shifted perches a few times, but he stayed within five feet of the same spot for the next full hour. Incessant noise, getting smacked by robin attacks, you name it. Several times I thought about leaving because the noise was so irritating, but the fledge sat it all out.

Morningside Red-Tail Fledgling

As I exited at about official sunset (the sun had been gone for an hour due to the overcast), I found one of the red-tail parents was perched atop of the cathedral on the platform between the crossing and the apse.

Posted 6/16/2010 09:16:00 PM by Robert

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