6/15, Back and Forth

Tuesday evening it took much less time to find the cathedral red-tail fledgling than on Monday, 20 minutes rather than an hour. But just like Monday, he showed up atop the arch on the north side of the cathedral crossing. The only difference was that a mockingbird was chastising him rather than a robin.

Red-Tail Fledgling and Mockingbird

Fifteen minutes later he got bored with that spot and flew across the street to somewhere atop or beyond the Minturn Pavilion at St. Luke's hospital.

Red-Tail Fledgling over 113th St.

Only to come flying back a minute later chasing a pigeon. Right concept, but the execution needs a lot of work.

He landed on the crenellations about the statue of St. Matthew. There be blended in so throughly with the stone work in the evening shade that he would have been tough to spot without seeing the landing.

Cathedral Red-Tail Fledgling

He settled in for a while, looking around.

Cathedral Red-Tail Fledgling

And down, perhaps checking out some of the birds who were chirping alarms.

Cathedral Red-Tail Fledgling

And or course some preening.


After 20 or 30 minutes, perhaps time to think about a roosting spot.

Cathedral Red-Tail Fledgling

Well, no. He only flew across the street to the roof of the Plant Pavilion.

Fledgling on the Plant Pavilion

He shifted to a chimney top, but the hospital mockingbird wasn't going to give him any peace, and he took off and out of sight.

As I made my exit, I checked the hidie-hole where the fledgling had been spotted going to roost on Monday. I caught him just as he was settling in. Thereafter he was only visible if one walked over to Amsterdam Ave. and got out some glass. Look closely...

Spot the Hawk

You might need to view that big.

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