6/2, Nuh-Uh, Not Gonna Jump

Isolde, Gabriel and the Mockingbird

The cathedral baby red-tail was still in the nest Wednesday evening. When I arrived, mama Isolde was perched on the roof taking heat from a mockingbird.

Fifteen minutes later she decided she'd had enough and took off.


Circled a couple times between the cathedral and 110th St.


Turned back north.


And flew over the cathedral. A couple minutes later, I found her perched on the tall chimney at St. Luke's... taking heat from a mockingbird.

Another ten or fifteen minutes later she took off and was seemingly gone, but then a few minutes later I watched through the treetops as a hawk flew up to the statue on the Gabriel on the cathedral roof... and the other adult flew off. Then the first took off and neither was seen by hawkwatchers for the rest of the evening. Their baby, however, could several times be seen peering off in the distance, watching them.

The nestling seemed to be in quiet mode again, watching the world go by. Eventually it got peckish and spend fifteen minutes or so working over the carcass of a meal that had been brought before noon. After that it was a bit more active, and got out on the edge of the nest a couple times, with requisite panic flapping.

Panic Flap

And recovery which seems to involve jumping to the other side of the nest.


Then it quieted down, stared at the photographer.

I See You


Quieting Down

And then the usual late evening preen.

Posted 6/02/2010 09:01:00 PM by Robert

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