6/8, On the Hospital Roof

Hawk Fledgling at St. Luke's

Survivor spent most of Tuesday evening on the roof of St. Luke's hospital, near the emergency room entrance. There was some hopping about but also a lot of preening.

Mama Isolde was watching over the scene, apparently dealing with the neighborhood kestrels. She soon took off but returned perhaps 15 minutes later. She and the fledgling ended up perched about 20-30 feet apart and facing each other. They stayed in those spots for quite some time.

Two Hawks at St. Luke's

Eventually the fledgling got active again, making his way back up to the very top of the roof.

Hawk Fledgling at St. Luke's

But it was getting late and not long after, he flew across the street to the nave of the cathedral. After hopping about just a bit more, he landed on one of the tallest fanciest finials.

Cathedral Tower with Hawk

And there he stayed.

Posted 6/11/2010 11:59:00 PM by Robert

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