5/30, St. John the Divine

Friday evening at the cathedral red-tailed hawk nest was a little more exciting than was Thursday. One or two of the nestlings did some wing flapping. But the interesting stuff was more related to a visit by their father.

First views on the nest revealed all three nestlings lurking about.

Cathedral Hawk Nest (0953)

Cathedral Hawk Nest (0969)

And then after a while, papa Norman flew in to give the kids a pigeon. Freshly dressed, as he still had a feather stuck to his beak. He hung about for a few minutes.

Cathedral Hawk Nest (0992)

And then flew along the north side of the cathedral to a spot on the nave wall where he often hangs out after a food delivery.

Cathedral Hawk (1035)

But this time, Norman actually stayed where he was for some time, fifteen minutes or more, and only disappearing after the rain began to sprinkle.

The kids in the nest initially paid no attention the fresh meal, letting it lie there for 20-25 minutes before one of them obviously began to eat.

Not long later, Norman paid another quick visit to the cathedral. Perhaps he'd gone around to the south side, where the blue jays nest, as there were a pair chasing him.

Cathedral Hawk and Blue Jays (1138)

He perched and ignored them for a few minutes.

Cathedral Hawk and Blue Jays (1140)

And then he was off toward Central Park.

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