6/7, No Fledges Yet at J. Hood Wright Park

Much to my surprise, I found the young red-tailed hawks at the Washington Heights nest have not yet fledged on Saturday afternoon. All three were perched on the fire escape overlooking J. Hood Wright Park, about 10 feet from the nest.

JHW Hawk Nestling (1933)

And apparently none of them enjoying it because the temperatures was in the 80s and the sky was almost cloudless.

JHW Hawk Nestling (1938)

JHW Hawk Nestling (1950)

The reason for my surprise? Well, if you take a closer look at the nestlings, their head feathers look pretty much grown in. That means they're about the same age as the other red-tails about town, where as we have seen, fledging has been going on since the start of the week.

JHW Hawk Nestling (1965)

Well, any day now at JHW Park. Any day.

JHW Hawk Nestling (1972)

Posted 6/07/2014 10:38:00 PM by Robert

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