6/5, St. John the Divine

Thursday at the cathedral of St. John the Divine, the new red-tailed hawk fledgling proved impossible to find. A few times there were what sounded like distant begging sounds, but I could never pin them down. The other area birds, and particularly the blue jays, were no help.

Meanwhile, back in the nest, the remaining two nestlings seem to be enjoying the extra space. I initially found one perched on St. Andrew's head, and its sibling peeking out to the side.

Cathedral Hawk Nestlings (1524)

Note what looks like a full set of head feathers. It really looks like this bird is the eldest of this year's trio, and the bird that fledged yesterday was likely the middle child.

After 15 minutes, eldest hopped back into the nest, poked about a bit, and then got interested in St. Andrew's index finger. Flapping ensued, and at one point he was awfully close to falling off the side of the nest.

Cathedral Hawk Nestlings (1540)

Cathedral Hawk Nestlings (1541)

Cathedral Hawk Nestlings (1566)

And then he quieted down, hopping back into the nest bowl.

I wandered around to the other side of the cathedral to see if the fledgling might have gotten as far as St. James or Ambrose chapel, but no luck. But Jim or Harry was nearby, looking like he'd had a long day.

Cathedral Peacock (1580)

Back around the nest area and after a little while, eldest was back out on the edge of the nest. Plainly St. Andrew's finger looks like a very tempting perch location.

Cathedral Hawk Nestlings (1611)

Cathedral Hawk Nestlings (1616)

And back into the nest.

About 7:00, mama Isolde flew in, bringing what looked like a pigeon for the two nestlings. She only stayed a couple minutes.

Cathedral Hawk Nestlings (1630)

Before flying off to the west end of St. Luke's hospital, where she stayed 10 minutes or so.

Cathedral Hawk Nestlings (1633)

The two nestlings took turns on the new meal, with youngest going at it first. Then it was back to more watching the skies.

Cathedral Hawk (1654)

Not sure where the nest is? Just look for the sign.

Hawk Sign (1521)

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