6/8, St. John the Divine

A double dose of good news from the cathedral hawk nest.

First, WINORR reports that papa Norman has responded very well to treatment and is "eating whole prey on his own." However, treatment and exercise still require that he spend another week or so "in rehab".

Second, the young hawk who presumably fledged on Saturday was out in plain sight when I made a quick visit to 113th St. just before dinner.

Walking along 113th St., the first hawk in view was Middle Child, who was perched on the same transept pipe where I found him Saturday evening.

Cathedral Hawk Fledgling #1 (2148)

And Eldest, the temporarily missing fledgling, was perched on the roof of St. Boniface chapel.

Cathedral Hawk Fledgling #2 (2154)

In the same spot where Middle Child was found on Wednesday.

Cathedral Hawk Fledgling #2 (2163)

Youngest was still up in the nest, presumably enjoying having the place to himself.

Cathedral Hawk Nestling (2156)

As I was leaving, Eldest did a little stretching.

Cathedral Hawk Fledgling #2 (2174)

And Middle Child shifted around.

Cathedral Hawk Fledgling #1 (2186)

And flew to the back of the transept area to a little nook by the crossing wall where he would otherwise be hard to spot.

Cathedral Hawk Fledgling #1 (2198)

Best of all, no blue jays!

Note: Relative ages for these three birds is based on the growth of their head feathers. And absolutely no idea whether any of them is a he or a she.

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On 6/09/2014 5:00 PM , Laura Goggin Photography said...

Glad to hear Norman is on the mend. And good luck to these little guys!