6/12, St. John the Divine

The cathedral red-tailed hawk fledglings are showing signs of becoming stronger fliers. Although I have yet to see one busily flying around, one was perched almost at the top of the cathedral early Thursday evening. What looked to be Eldest was on the crest of one of the side rooftops of the apse. It was hard to tell if he was having trouble deciding what to do or if the breeze up there was a little gusty.

Cathedral Hawk Fledgling (2477)

He perched and danced about for several minutes.

Cathedral Hawk Fledgling (2479)

And then flew over behind the turret on which a spotlight was mounted, disappearing from view.

Meanwhile, down below on St. Boniface chapel, Youngest was digesting a meal.

Cathedral Hawk Fledgling (2491)

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