6/11, St. John the Divine

Two and possibly all three of the cathedral red-tailed hawk fledglings were in view Wednesday evening, lurking about the chapels and transept.

The one who appears to be Youngest, the final fledge, was perched on the roof of St. Boniface chapel. He looked like he had eaten recently.

Cathedral Hawk Fledgling (2388)

Initially he did move around a bit, wandering from one of the roof to the other, before settling down.

Cathedral Hawk Fledgling (2383)

A while later one of the other fledglings appeared, perched on one of the capped pipes on the transept.

Cathedral Hawk Fledgling (2399)

Soon enough, he moved back to the corner of the transept area. Likely this was Middle Child, who I've found in this area several times over the past week.

Cathedral Hawk Fledgling (2409)

And from there he dropped down to a lower spot where he couldn't be seen.

About 10 minutes later, I discovered a fledgling now perched on the big spire of St. Ansgar chapel.

Cathedral Hawk Fledgling (2427)

Initially I thought it was the remaining fledgling, but after review of photos I couldn't decide whether this was Middle Child or Eldest. Head feathers are filling in on the younger siblings, making it harder to differentiate between the birds.

Cathedral Hawk Fledgling (2421)

Whoever it was, he was happy with the perch.

Cathedral Hawk Fledgling (2448)

There were occasional begging sounds which might have come from the fledgling on the Ansgar spire or from the transept area. All the stone walls in the area mean there are echoes that disguise sound sources.

Cathedral Hawk Fledgling (2465)

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