6/6, St. John the Divine

The news from WINORR is that Norman, the papa red-tailed hawk from the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, has had an infection that left him weak and unable to eat. He has been started on a course of antibiotics and by Thursday evening was beginning to perk up.

In what seems a weird coincidence, cathedral staff passed word along that Jim St. John, one of the two blue peacocks, is also fighting off an infection and is currently being treated at the avian hospital on Amsterdam Ave.

Meanwhile, on Morningside Drive, eldest and one sibling are still in the hawk nest. Eldest was perched on St. Andrew's head virtually the entire time I was in the area on Friday evening.

Cathedral Hawl Nestlings (1681)

Most of the time he was preening, while the other nestling was watching the skies.

Cathedral Hawk Nestlings (1684)

Cathedral Hawl Nestlings (1680)

But finding Wednesday's hawk fledgling proved difficult.

A quick check on the south side of the cathedral apse only found Harry the peacock about.

Cathedral Peacock (1683)

There might have been some isolated begging sounds from somewhere on the chapel rooftops, but it was hard to tell due to the incessant noise from the Cathedral School playground and the traffic on the street. The blue jays didn't seem particularly active, although one was often "standing guard" on the St. Savior chapel cross.

Finally about 7:30, begging began in earnest from somewhere below the nest. The fledgling was perched at the base of the stained-glass window overlooking St. Columba Chapel.

Cathedral Hawk Fledgling (1730)

And the blue jays did know he was there, as they took one cheap shot at him while I watched.

The fledgling trotted along the window ledge a couple times, begging now and again. But there was no sign of mama with food. As sunset approached he was still there.

Cathedral Hawk Fledgling (1791)

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