6/2, St. John the Divine

Although first fledge from the cathedral red-tailed hawk nest is now expected in less than a week, the three nestlings were showing no sign on Monday evening that they were ready to leave. The activity while I watched was pretty much limited to preening.

First view... yep, all three up there.

Cathedral Hawk Nest (12000

The primo preening spot was the perch on St. Andre's head.

Cathedral Hawk Nest (1222)

After one nestling preened there for a while, he then spent some time looking around. Unfortunately, the slightly exposed spot also meant he was exposed to the nearby blue jays attention, which he did not enjoy.

Cathedral Hawk Nest (1273)

After he hopped back into the nest, it wasn't long before another took the spot.

Posted 6/02/2014 11:17:00 PM by Robert

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