6/9, All Three Fledged at St. John the Divine

At the start of what looks to be a gloomy week, weather-wise, the last of the three baby red-tailed hawks at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine fledged the nest.

Progressing east along 113th St., I first found Middle Child hanging out in the transept area, just as he had been the previous two days.

Cathedral Hawk Fledgling #1 (2203)

Note the extremely full crop. Someone has just had a very large meal.

And closer to Morningside Drive was a fledgling atop a spire of St. Ansgar chapel.

Cathedral Hawk Fledgling #3 (2227)

This turned out to be Youngest, the final fledge. He was busy preening as I walked up and had a feather stuck to his beak.

And nearby on the roof of St. Boniface chapel was Eldest.

Cathedral Hawk Fledgling #2 (2295)

Within a few minutes, mama Isolde landed on the roof of Boniface next to Eldest, staying there just a moment.

Cathedral Hawk and Fledgling #2 (2231)

Before popping over to the large spire on St. Ansgar.

Cathedral Hawk (2236)

Cathedral Hawk (2239)

After which she flew up to the top of the scaffolding at the hospital's Minturn Pavilion, where she would remain.

It turns out she'd left half a pigeon for Eldest to eat. It took him a good half hour to do so, and join the full crop crowd.

Cathedral Hawk Fledgling #2 (2277)

Youngest didn't have such a full crop, but presumably he had been fed in the not distant past. He watched Eldest eat without deciding to join in, nor did he beg mama for food.

Cathedral Hawk Fledgling #3 (2303)

Meanwhile, Middle Child shifted to a different perch on the transept. He seems to like capped pipes.

Cathedral Hawk Fledgling #1 (2309)

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