6/7, St. John the Divine

Saturday afternoon found just one hawk in the nest at the cathedral. Youngest apparently now had the perch on St. Andrew's head all to himself.

Cathedral Hawk Nestling (1804)

Three hours later, he was still hanging out in the same spot.

Cathedral Hawk Nestling (1977)

Again it took ages to find a fledgling, until finally Wednesday's fledge was spotted on the north transept.

Cathedral Hawk Fledgling (2079)

Eventually he shifted back to St. Ansgar chapel.

Cathedral Hawk Fledgling (2090)

A spot which unfortunately brought him back to the attention of the blue jays.

As sunset approached, he shifted up to the top of a small spire which the blue jays had been using as a perch.

Cathedral Hawk Fledgling (2099)

And was still there as the sun went down.

Cathedral Hawk Fledgling (2141)

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