6/17, St. John the Divine

Again just one red-tailed hawk fledgling in view when I visited the cathedral on Tuesday, although there were suggestions of a second close by. The one I found was initially perched on the cross atop St. Savior chapel.


Some1 5 minutes later after another hawk (a fledgling? or mama?) had flown by to somewhere along the north side of the cathedral, he headed in that direction also. Over the next 5-6 minutes he worked up his way up the side of the cathedral, from crossing buttress to apse turret.


Looking at something farther west.


Then fly to the top of the brick column.


Back to the turret.


Hop around the gargoyle heads.


And fly up to the top of the crossing dome and out of sight.

But who was the other hawk who had flown past? Well, mama Isolde was perching near the far end of the cathedral nave.

Cathedral Hawk (2682)

Posted 6/17/2014 10:03:00 PM by Robert

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